Software Systems Group

Over thirty years of programming experience

About us

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Arleen Rhodes

Office Manager

Ned W. Rhodes


Our Capabilities

Includes dead languages

Programming Languages

C, C#, C++, Basic/Visual Basic/VBScript, ASP, .Net, Java/Javascript, Python, Pascal, Cobol, Fortran, HTML5, Assembler on multiple platforms (Intel, Motorola, PowerPC)

Client Side Development

AngularJS, Knockout, SPA, Bootstrap, AJAX


SQL/SQL Server, Access, Filemaker Pro, Dbase, Clipper

Operating Systems and Platforms

Windows, Docker, Azure, Raspberry Pi, Macintosh, Linux, VMS, RT-11, RSX-11M, UCSD Pascal, DOS, VTRX, PSOS, CP/M. Motorola 6502/6809/HC11, 68K, Intel, PowerQuicc II (MPC8260), PowerPC(440GX)

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